South Spanish River Beach Kiteboarding Guidelines

The following guidelines have been prepared to aid kiteboarding safety and access privileges at the City of Boca Raton Beach south of Spanish River Blvd. These practices and other appropriate procedures should be followed while kiteboarding off this beach. They are intended to encourage the safe enjoyment of this sport by both participants and spectators

1.   It is strongly recommended that kiteboarders launch, land and ride off the undeveloped beach south of Largo Mar Lane and well north of 2150 North Ocean Blvd. in Boca Raton. This will require walking from available parking areas but it is important that we do this.

2.   Kiters should avoid launching/landing in front of the San Remo complex or riding within 100 yards of the shore there.

3.   Kiteboarders should not ride within 100 yards of the beach in lifeguarded areas.

4.   New kiteboarders must seek adequate, proper instruction BEFORE kiteboarding here or be under professional instruction while kiteboarding here while staying well away from bystanders.

5.   Be considerate and respectful to all bystanders, stay well away from them while kiting. Please work to avoid complaints and to leave bystanders with a smile.

6.   Kiteboarders are solely responsible for their safety, that of bystanders and shall act with appropriate caution.

7.   There should be no extended flying on shore. After launch go offshore to avoid bystanders until time to land. Take care to avoid stalling kites, always.

8.   Rapid, efficient assisted launches and landings are recommended. If drifting downwind is an issue, launch at the south end of the recommended launch with southerly wind, north end with northerly wind. Don’t drift into restricted areas.

9.   Keep launching area tidy, free of unused gear and wind up lines.

10.   If you see a problem riding behavior, grab some other kiters and tactfully work to resolve it as a group. We can’t afford to ignore threats to our privilege to kite.

March 3, 2021