Instructor: Maciej Piotrowski and Luke Svanberg

Experience: kiteboarding since 2008 and 2000

Lesson are provided on Spanish River beach, Boca Raton, according to IKO Kiteboarder Program
Lesson dates are determined by the instructor, and safe wind conditions (min.10mph-16mph)
Recommended: Kiteboarding Beginner DVD

Introductory lesson: 1.5-3hr; $100-$150, gear provided

Subject covered:
basic kiteboarding concepts, understanding wind, safety equipment and procedures, flying trainer kite.

Level 1: $150 (must have own gear); time: 3 hrs

Subject covered:
Launching and landing a kite with assistance, flying a kite properly, safety procedures, entering and exiting the water properly and safely while controlling the kite, self landing and launching, first water relaunch, first body drag.

Level 2: $150 (must have own gear); time: 3 hrs


  • ability to control a kite with ease
  • launch and land kites
  • walk upwind while flying the kite and carrying the board
  • water re-launch a kite

Subject covered:
Body dragging, body dragging with a board in hand, changing direction while body dragging, recover the kite and bar in the water, recover board by body dragging, body dragging upwind, learn proper power stroke for a water start, learn to ride the board

Level 3: $150 (must have own gear); time: 3 hrs

Subject covered:
Proper water start, water start in both directions, ride a short distance, control your speed and stop, rules while on the water, change of direction, self rescue technique, theory and safety rules for jumping, try your first jump

Kiteboarding instructional video clip: